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The future is here!!!!

Outrageously thrilled to be a new proud owner of a 128G 8th Generation IPAD 🥳🥳🥳

I’ve been smoking as a medical patient for almost 11yrs, this is the first time I’ve felt rewarded for all the money I’ve spent on my medication.

It’s like the world evolved and anything is possible! The iPad came with a few stickers and runs faster then a whip. I got a hauwei tablet 6months ago and it just doesn’t compare!
I was playing with GarageBand for 2hrs just now with all the updates I can’t get enough of my new toy /work tool!

Thank you Bulk Weed for providing such a unique platform where medical users get rewarded 🥳

The happiest girl in the world 🥰️

Kyra O / Scarborough

I absolutely adore Bulk Weed! I’m a long-time customer! I’ve gotten the most wonderful service over the years. Their shipping is very quick! They’re even thoughtful enough to provide free face masks and hand sanitizer with each order since the pandemic started!

The best part: I saved up years of loyalty points and got a free brand new iPad! They even wrapped it up in wrapping paper!

Seriously, can’t say enough good things about Bulk Weed.

Shayna E / Scarborough

Never thought that I could win an iPhone 12 Pro at any place! You guys are amazing! Love you guys, and will always be a loyal customer all the time! This is the best gift for me all time! I love how professional your customer service is, and how quickly you guys deliver. and the products are always on the dot! 100% satisfied customer!

Oatman B / Brampton

Thank you guys at BulkWeed for the quick service and tons of deals and rewards. You guys are by far the best in Canada. Thanks again for the iPad, I didn’t think it was possible but over time I have reached the goal.

Lee T / Toronto

Amazing reliable service with high quality product reasonably priced. I love this place!

Phil S / Toronto

I’ve been using Bulk Weed for a couple years now, and it’s hands down my favourite service compared to 10+ others I have used in Toronto. The good prices, variety of strains and quality edibles are what keep me ordering on the regular. Bulk Weed even has an amazing reward program (with modern iPads and more)! I love being a loyalty member!

– Landon B

Landon B / Scarborough